A Photo a Day for 30 Days

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I decided to take part in the 30 day self portrait challenge that the girls at A Beautiful Mess created:

I hate taking pictures. HATE. So maybe this will help break the ice for me. Maybe at the end of this I won't feel so insecure. Also I really appreciate the fact that this is a fun & loving kind of project. I feel like may women refrain from taking self portraits because they feel like it is inappropriate or arrogant. I don't think society should shape our opinions and feelings about looking in the mirror or taking a pic of ourselves when we feel pretty. 20, 30, 40....50 years from now, I'm gonna want to look at the younger Valerie and remember what I looked like and felt like at this time in my life. Day 1:


  1. B-E-A-Utiful! You shouldn't be shy or insecure at all!!

    1. Thank you Breeanna! You are so kind! Honestly I see your pics and I think wow that girl has so much joy in her eyes & she is beautiful. So that truly is a compliment coming from you.


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