Tuesday, May 13, 2014

So, I finally did it. I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology! I do not actually attain my degree until the end of August when I finish up my last requirements but STILLLL it is so exciting!

So rewind back to Saturday (5/3), I woke up feeling like a million bucks. I was overwhelmed with feelings of pride and accomplishment. However, as the morning progressed I began to feel a little saddened and everything was bittersweet. You see, my father looked forward to this day. He wanted so badly, to see me graduate college. When he passed away, graduating and other life milestones lost value in my eyes for a little bit. I wanted him to be with me on that day, to see me walk across the stage. As I began to feel more and more low, I realized he was with me. He is with me.

The ceremony was lovely, and I am proud of myself-which is a new feeling for me to explore {pride}.

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